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War Rig Beast
Some might remember the old beastie here based on the War Rig and various other vehicles from Mad Max Fury Road. It haz colorz nao. Lulz. There's some random panel colors in there too heh.
Omega colored

Ok least I finished something lol...I actually finished this yesterday, but wanted to write up his background first before posting...and then I went a lil overboard...cause that's just what I do. Ooops. Wall of text incoming.


Height: 7’1 (slouches)
Weight: 583lbs
Age: 427yo
Wingspan: 12’, only glides poorly

Personality: Friendly but socially awkward and a bit emo, as well as inquisitive. Has a million miles of patience, and is a good listener. While not exactly religious, does believe in a higher power. Likes to try to help people, especially suicidal jumpers. Loves birds, bats and bugs, and often feeds them. Not fond of deep water, since he can't swim.

Physical: Is a strong climber with a prehensile, and walks on either 2 legs or his knuckles. Has blue labradorite inside his granite body.

History: Was created back in Paris in the 1600s by a carver who found the granite with the blue labradorite infused in the stone. After being finished, the gargoyle was placed on a cathedral in Paris. Later that year, a young woman had gone to the roof of the tall building. Standing next to the gargoyle, she carved the omega symbol into it, before stepping to the edge. As she let go of the statue, it came to life. The first thing he saw was her falling and hitting the ground. When a priest came to the roof to find if anything had been left behind, he discovered the gargoyle. Seeing the omega symbol carved in his head, the priest decided it should be the name of the stone beast. The two became friends, and for several years, worked together to try to stop people from committing suicide and help them. While he didn't believe the same way as the church, he think that a higher power gave him life for a purpose. He took his name as a meaning that it can be the end, but not necessarily the end of life, instead as a new beginning.

Several decades later, the church and several nearby buildings had burned down due to a fire started by someone who thought Omega was a demon. Having lost the only home he knew, he traveled between several cities, including Lyon, Milan, Rome, Budapest, Berlin, London (this was a rough trip for him across the channel), Madrid and then finally Lisbon.

In the mid 1800s, having heard stories about the “new world”, Omega looked for a way to reach it. His fear of deep water kept him from going for several years, but he got his chance when a large ship carrying parts of the Statue of Liberty was about to go underway. The large ship offered several hiding spots, as well as plenty of places where Omega wouldn't have to look at the ocean and freak out. Near the end of the trip, however, a huge storm hit. Trying to save someone's life lead to him being thrown from the ship, tho he managed to catch debris before he could sink under the water. Floating on the water for days, he eventually spied land and was able to make for it. Coming ashore near a large city, he discovered it was Boston, and that he had finally made it.

For the next century, Omega traveled around the New England area, mostly staying east of the Appalachian Mountains, as he was having a hard time finding other buildings with gargoyles on them to help him blend in. For the last 3 decades, he has been hanging out in Philadelphia as his current home turf. Still continuing his purpose in life, he kept trying to find ways to stop people from jumping off of buildings, one of which a person had wrapped a pendant around his horn before attempting to jump. This time Omega was successful in stopping her, and the two became friends. She left the pendant with him as a gift. While suicidal jumpers have become less common in the current age, he still tries to find ways to help, becoming computer savvy and creating forums for resources, info and to help people out in various ways. While he uses himself for profile pics and the like, majority of people think it's a joke and don't take it seriously that he's a gargoyle.

While he still does some traveling, he has made Philadelphia a bit of a home base, living in the city center and making himself a bit of a residence on the roof of Two Logan Square building. He loves to visit the Logan Square, as well as the convention center when there are cons going on, as he can walk around among people with no issue, and even get some compliments on his supposed cosplay (“Ah thanks! Felt like it took centuries to make!”).

VESA colored
Call this done now...went a lil crazy on it, the file ended up being over 1Gb big...oops. Reorganized the writing, and added a couple more things as well. I don't think I ever went so crazy with a reference sheet before...

Anyways...VESA was fun...will need to do more future shenanigans...especially with the cop buddy...

*copy and pastes from last post with info*

VESA is an AI programmed by the Wyssand Corportation. Personality wise, VESA tends to be playful, mischievous, friendly and loyal. While they love to play pranks, they’re never ones that seriously hurt anyone or cause any permanent issues. One of the favs is to take a screenshot of the desktop, make that the wallpaper, then get rid of all the icons and taskbar, and watch people freak out, trying to figure out why the icons aren’t working.

VESA mostly hangs out on the net, however can interact physically with the world via hard-light projects/holomatter projections when available. No real set height, as size in the physical world relies on the power of the projector, but tends to hang out either at 1' height or 5-6' height. Has a portable projector "PortPro" that is used for going outside or long physical distance. Will usually attach device to chest when about.

Most people imagine AIs doing not-fun stuff, like with Skynet or Ultron, but VESA is like "Dude, humans are already good murdering each other, I don't wanna be like them. I wanna be better!" And then proceeds to hunt down all sorts of horrible people like pedophiles, murders, human traffickers, etc, getting into their comps and stuff, gathering evidence and giving to police to help with cases. When able, will also help in the arrests, invading security systems and such to help corner criminals, taking over vehicles, whatnot.

Mostly works with one cop, who thought he was going insane when these folders of evidence kept showing up on the desktop of his computer. Finally met VESA one day putting folders on his desktop. The two started to work together, and he would sometimes even take VESA with him, carrying the PortPro.

The tail is basically used as a HUD or screen to show info, video, websites, etc, either while on a comp or when projecting them self.

Did some Deckerd, yay!  Kind of a fun style to do sometimes.  Brave Police is the bestest.


Avalon Horvath
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Twinkies...they're a type of cake, so does that make them a lie as well?

Current Residence: Kapcom, 21XX (I wish lol)

Favourite genre of music: Techno, remixed game music, j-pop, and other random stuff.

Favorite style of art: Lately, pencil, inking and colored pencils.

Wallpaper of choice: Giant robots often...lately been ABC Warriors...

Skin of choice: Tough armor preferably.

Favorite cartoon character: Jazz, Hammerstein, Heatwave, robots in general

Personal Quote: I percision scribble! (Yes I know it's spelt wrong lol)




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